In which I finish something that I totally made up

First things first, I finished this black sweater that I totally made up as I went along.016

I used the stitch count from a random Drops pattern to decide how much to cast on, but that was pretty much it. I just knew what I wanted, a long, loose-fitting, long-sleeved sweater to wear with my awesome galaxy leggings. So I kinda made it up, worked in the round up to where I thought the armscye should be and did stuff that made sense to me. I picked up and knit down for the sleeves (first one took four attempts, but the second one only took two attempts and they match!). It’s 100% acrylic (because I’m all class) so I steam blocked it.  Steam-blocking has softened it up really nicely and I will be able to chuck it in the washing machine. The other bonus is that I will never need to block it again.

Oh yeah, baby. Check out my Forest Petals Shawl. I started this quite a while ago and made few mistakes (that were rectified more easily than I thought possible). So ten months later, finished shawl! There may be photos in situ later, but no promises.be246220-d772-4395-9d20-a6d6c79f549awallpaper


I bought some Noir sock yarn for Xmas knitting from a lovely Raveller. She gave them to me at an absolute bargain and I was totally thrilled. I’ve already divided one ball in two ready to cast on some toe-up, two-at-a-time vanilla socks. Wish me luck, because I’ve never done this before and I’ve always hated socks (but I think that is because it was the first time and I was knitting overly complex knee-high socks).


Fairy Yarn-mothers

Today I got a package of assorted acrylic-y goodness in the form of a care package from Damned Soles. I am lucky enough to receive the occasional knitterly package by complete surprise from someone who knows me well enough to know my day will be made by this kind of thing.

And a picture of the Queen Anne’s Lace scarf blocking, that took a good hour and a bit to pin out… gah. Also note – camping “flooring mats” from K-mart make excellent backings for blockings.

Mmmm. Steamy. For an excellent article on why acrylic should be blocked and the best way to go about it, visit Bead Knitter – a truly excellent post.


And a bonus for those who are paying attention, my budding photographer’s latest – an art shot of my Valentine’s day flowers.