W.I.P. Wednesday Three

I’ve got a few things on the boil, but the project that has been getting the majority of my attention at the moment is the Sera Lace Top by Doris Chan. And I do love me some Doris.

wpid-20140217_132042.jpgI’m using Moda Vera Diva, which I bought years and years ago marked down to $10 for a package of 10. Yes, the price got me – especially considering my feelings on yellow (largely negative).

I’m loving the pattern, it works up fairly quickly and painlessly. The construction is so SENSIBLE! I love that in a pattern! It’s very similar to the free Bronze Beauty pattern, which I made for my MIL last year.

Usually I would add a few rows to the bottom to make it longer, but I’m pretty sure that it will stretch given the open weave of the pattern and the nature of the yarn.

I’ve got some black dye left over from an experiment over-dying some of the daughterbeasts dresses (note: it didn’t work in a very disappointing fashion) which I am considering using to overdye the top once it’s done. I just don’t like yellow.

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Belated New Year’s Resolutions.

Well, this year’s resolution was the same as last… Not let my blog languish in despair, design and write up some patterns, etc etc. I’m also *incredibly* slack about my Ravelry project notes and photos. I guess another resolution would be to try and keep that more up to date but I feel like I have enough resolved. My stash is pretty close to accurate, even though I’ve not bothered too much with photos.

I think the key here is not to beat myself up that I failed last year or be upset with myself that it’s taking me so long to get my act together. Pick up, brush off and go on!

I’ve got a few things in the works at the moment which are really exciting!

  • I’m still working on a project to upcycle t-shirts by adding crochet, and I’ve mentioned the possibility of a tutorial. I’ll have to see a). how it turns out and b). whether I can write it up in a way that will make sense.
  • I’m also working on a pattern to go with the Rainbow Dash cutie mark chart that is going to be awesome!!
  • I made a very, very, very long stocking cap that I want to write up as a pattern as well.
  • I’m also stocking up on some little thingies for a super secret project that I want to launch. There are not words for the fantabulousness of this thing I wanna do.

Wish me luck in keeping myself on track!

The Case of the Vanishing Mojo

Since I am currently in the throes of indecision, I thought that I could perhaps analyse and elaborate upon my process of choosing what to make in the hopes it may kickstart my creativity.

  • Approach the First: Browse Ravelry for a pattern, attempt to find correct yarn in stash, and if all goes well, cast-on.
  • Approach the Second: Browse yarn stash, search Ravelry for pattern and then cast-on.
  • Approach the Third: Cool pattern comes to attention, search stash for appropriate yarn, cast-on, discover it just won’t work, frog, order yarn, forget about project in meantime, start something entirely different.
  • Approach the Fourth: Pull out the N.E.D.G. and work on it until I absolutely can’t stand it any more and cast on something else out of sheer desperation,

Sometimes nothing works, sometimes your knitting mojo just deserts you. It rides off into the sunset without looking back to the strains of bluegrass guitar. Four days! FOUR WHOLE DAYS of mojo-less searching. It was devastating.

So instead I played the new TombRaider game and some Bioshock Infinite, both of which are fantstically awesome games of fun and joy and gore. Totally worthwhile.

Second verse, same as the first.

I did not post last year about new year’s resolutions, which does not surprise me at all since I tend to avoid that kind of bandwagon-jumping. In checking whether I posted about my good intention, I realised that despite my sporadic posting, I have had this blog running for quite a while now. November 16, 2011 to be precise.

I do have new year’s resolutions, the central one being to do *something* with my knitting, to begin the process of taking it *somewhere*. I’m sure a hell of a lot of knitters have this same desire, and I’m equally sure I’m not the only one who has made this resolution. Usually, I would find that discouraging. Usually, I would let that talk me out of even trying, because if so many people have the desire the “marketplace” or whatever will be saturated with people who are trying. Some of them will be more talented, more motivated, more experience, more interesting, just generally better than I am. How self-defeating is that perception? Sometimes, I just have to shake myself. I have to tell myself that if I never try, I will never have the life that I want to have and in order to deserve success you have to work for it! Not everybody gets lucky, most people work their asses off (and most of the people who appear to have gotten lucky have probably put an incredible amount of blood, sweat and tears into their success that just isn’t obvious to the outside).

I’ve also decided to use the try-try-again model of success… which is the one where you don’t beat yourself up when you slip up or get lazy, but instead get back on the horse/bicycle/dogsled and forge onwards. Hey, it works for quitting smoking (four and half years cigarette-free, baby)!

Wow, that was all ponder-y. Don’t worry, the next post will contain actual knitting content!

Rainbow Dash cutie mark graph FREE FOR YOUR ENJOYMENT!

So, my yarn-sista has made a graph of Rainbow Dash’s cutie mark for a mutual yarniac’s impending spawn and she has asked me to host it here for all to enjoy… use it in good health! Please do the usual thing and link back here to my blog if you post about it or if anyone asks “Hey! Where did you get that awesome Rainbow Dash graph?”

It’s just a .JPG so you can right-click that little so and so and save it to your computer. I’d recommend clicking it first to open it as a full-size picture though.



asdmum75, the wondrous creator, has many fine and interesting things going on over at Ravelry. Just sayin’

In which I finish something that I totally made up

First things first, I finished this black sweater that I totally made up as I went along.016

I used the stitch count from a random Drops pattern to decide how much to cast on, but that was pretty much it. I just knew what I wanted, a long, loose-fitting, long-sleeved sweater to wear with my awesome galaxy leggings. So I kinda made it up, worked in the round up to where I thought the armscye should be and did stuff that made sense to me. I picked up and knit down for the sleeves (first one took four attempts, but the second one only took two attempts and they match!). It’s 100% acrylic (because I’m all class) so I steam blocked it.  Steam-blocking has softened it up really nicely and I will be able to chuck it in the washing machine. The other bonus is that I will never need to block it again.

Oh yeah, baby. Check out my Forest Petals Shawl. I started this quite a while ago and made few mistakes (that were rectified more easily than I thought possible). So ten months later, finished shawl! There may be photos in situ later, but no promises.be246220-d772-4395-9d20-a6d6c79f549awallpaper


I bought some Noir sock yarn for Xmas knitting from a lovely Raveller. She gave them to me at an absolute bargain and I was totally thrilled. I’ve already divided one ball in two ready to cast on some toe-up, two-at-a-time vanilla socks. Wish me luck, because I’ve never done this before and I’ve always hated socks (but I think that is because it was the first time and I was knitting overly complex knee-high socks).