In which I finish something that I totally made up

First things first, I finished this black sweater that I totally made up as I went along.016

I used the stitch count from a random Drops pattern to decide how much to cast on, but that was pretty much it. I just knew what I wanted, a long, loose-fitting, long-sleeved sweater to wear with my awesome galaxy leggings. So I kinda made it up, worked in the round up to where I thought the armscye should be and did stuff that made sense to me. I picked up and knit down for the sleeves (first one took four attempts, but the second one only took two attempts and they match!). It’s 100% acrylic (because I’m all class) so I steam blocked it.  Steam-blocking has softened it up really nicely and I will be able to chuck it in the washing machine. The other bonus is that I will never need to block it again.

Oh yeah, baby. Check out my Forest Petals Shawl. I started this quite a while ago and made few mistakes (that were rectified more easily than I thought possible). So ten months later, finished shawl! There may be photos in situ later, but no promises.be246220-d772-4395-9d20-a6d6c79f549awallpaper


I bought some Noir sock yarn for Xmas knitting from a lovely Raveller. She gave them to me at an absolute bargain and I was totally thrilled. I’ve already divided one ball in two ready to cast on some toe-up, two-at-a-time vanilla socks. Wish me luck, because I’ve never done this before and I’ve always hated socks (but I think that is because it was the first time and I was knitting overly complex knee-high socks).


I’m easily distrac…. Bunny!

I kinda got derailed with last weeks Git ‘er Done project. It distracted me from from my current WIP, Delphine.

I chose the languishing Forest Petals Shawl and enjoyed it so much that I barely put any effort into Delphine!!


The little tunisian squares are so fun! Doop-de-doober-doop. (that’s my merry little tunisian-ing tune).


Coming along nicely, right? I added about four tiers this week, it’s been a busy one for us. Then I noticed, waaaay back at the beginning, on about the fourth tier….062

GACK!! A mistake! I’m currently debating how much I care. There is no chance of frogging that far back… sacrilege! I think I have devised a way to “fix” it, but it’s risky and will involve a lot of end-weavery. Or I could leave it. It really doesn’t stand out too much – but the problem is that I know it’s there.

In the Jungle, the Peaceful Jungle

So, what have I been doing in the dead of night whilst the creatures of the house sleep? What have I been busying myself with whilst they dream their dreams in oblivion mere metres away?


Reclaiming yarns. These are from a failed brioche stitch striped wrap cardigan thing that I began about 8 years ago.


This pink viscose has had many, many attempts to make it into things. It tangles easily. Grrr.


These used to be doilies in crochet cotton from the Yarn Fairy. They are no longer.

They all require a good long bath and prolonged hang out in the shade.
022These still need to be reclaimed. The grey failed apres surf hoodie, the Moonstone dress in black, and a moebius wrap in a completely different fuzzy red. Also a random assortment of granny squares that I have somehow acquired which will yield on small amounts of yarn (which may go into an artist’s bag? or a random scarf? not sure yet).

The Moonstone dress gets it’s own post a bit later on. I still carry some sadness in my heart over it. Sigh, so pretty – yet such a disaster.

An Ode to Mi Amore



Ah, how I love you Amory. You flow, you are lacey, you are comfy, you can be worn to so many places in so many ways. But Amory, why are your sleeves so long?

I feel I have failed you by not accounting for the stretch over time that Moda Vera Soya is wont to have. Please forgive me, it was an error of ignorance, for you were lovingly laboured at during the very beginnings of my serious meta-knitting days and I was young to the intricacies of yarn substitution.

Fear not, my darling, though I may have let you down, there is hope for our future together! Your cuffs were knitted separately and they can therefore be removed and reattached to a shortened sleeve. I promise I will be gentle, my sweet, as I tenderly unravel your rows, holding aside the reclaimed yarn for further escapades

Do you recall, my love, the fateful day that changed our relationship forever? You were pristine white, pale and pure. I gently bathed you and set you aside ready to be laid out in the sun. But alas and alack! My thoughtlessness was my downfall, for immediately afterwards I washed a green linen vest for the first time and placed it on you. It’s colours ran, forever staining your natural plant fibre a strikingly glassy hue.

Though I lamented in private, I comforted you, promising that I would not resort to bleach for your fibres were too delicate to risk such harsh treatment. Prolonged internal debate resulted in a cold black dye bath, bringing you to  your current marbled hue. My treasure, I feel deeply and intensely that you have only grown more beautiful with this change in your appearance, and that the experience has only increased the depth of our affection.

Au revoir my love, my heart, my Amory.

Documentation of Historical Artifacts

I mentioned the other day that K was on a photography kick, taking pictures of my previous projects. I thought I’d share some of them since I can’t really post the recent stuff due to the surprise factor involved.Image

PONCHO – no real pattern in Anna Mohair from ICE yarns

I used a Drops Design pattern to work out the number of stitches to cast on and increased every five or six rows until I thought – yeah, that looks about right. The yarn is very soft and has an excellent squoosh factor, especially given the cheapiness, and I really like the colour, it’s nice and neutral.

SATISFACTION: 4 out of 5 silky goats.


JEN by Kim Hargreaves in Moda Vera Soya

I am a pretty big Kim Hargreaves fan. Her designs are lovely and romantic. I really let this pattern down with my yarn choice. There is too much drape and not nearly enough memory in the yarn, it stretches a lot with wear. I wanted it to be a light and summery cardigan, but it just droops too much. I want to make it again, perhaps in a blend that has some wool or other more elastic fibre. I’m also not a fan of the buttons. I mean, I like the colour and shape, but the shaft lets them flobble around unattractively.

I have a feeling this garment is destined to have it’s yarn reclaimed, but don’t tell K as she frequently co-opts it for her own use.

    SATISFACTION: 2.5 out of 5 soy beans


Lace Nightie by Carrie Bostick-Hoge in black Cleckheaton Bamboo

Well, this worked out very nicely. I really love bamboo, it’s so soft and silky with great drape and just enough fibre memory. I’ve worn this a ridiculous amount of time, my only complaint being that I was too slavish in following the pattern and I really should have done more repeats before starting the waist shaping. I also should have done longer I-cord for the shoulder straps, but I really hate doing I-cord.

      SATISFACTION: 4.5 out of 5 panda treats.

Potato Chip Pariah

I tried to make a potato chip scarf. The plan was to make one each for my MIL and SIL. It was an epic failure. Most of the patterns follow the simple formula of:

CO 20

k8, turn, knit back

k6, turn, knit back

k4, turn, knit back

Knit across


The first time I cast on I was working from my memory of the patterns I had read the night before. It went like this:

CO 20

k8, turn, knit back

k8, turn, knit back

k6, turn, knit back

k6, turn, knit back

k4, turn, knit back

k4, turn, knit back

Knit across


I wrapped my turns and picked them up when I knit across, as you do. This was looking awesome. It was going to turn out great! I was so happy with it until I realised that I was using up the yarn at an astonishing rate and would therefore run out, with little likelihood of being able to procure that colourway again.

So I ripped it all out and started again, this time following the pattern correctly. Disappointment ensued. In comparison the swirly beauty of my first attempt, it just looked lame. Disillusioned, I attempted to “correct” for this by using a heavier weight yarn, but it was clearly too acrylicky to be hung about one’s neck and WHAT THE HECK WAS I THINKING casting it on in the first place.

I tried another version of the scarf, which was intended to corkscrew, you can’t see anything happening for a while and I’m not sure why I’m continuing to try as I clearly will not have enough yarn to finish the job.

So I broke out the Sensual Crochet and started making the Vintage Lace Scarf in the viscose yarn of which I have so very very much. It is deliciously slippery and that makes it very hard to use. It also snags and catches very easily on the finished product, but SCARF! I thought. A delicate ethereal scarf! It will work!

So work was begun and it was looking fabulous, but the yarn is so slippery and a bugger to work with and I thought (again – BRAIN! Why must you question my every move?) is it worth it? After a serious ponder, the answer is – yes, but not if you are going to give it away – only for you!

Heeding my brain’s wisdom, I sought another option. Especially since I had to make two of the item in question.

I’m not sure why, but I love the flowerdy scarf at Dawn’s Crochet Blog. So I set off knowing I only had two out of the three colours needed, and in all honestly  I should probably have five colours, since the object is to make two scarves the same but in different colours.

So there I was tootling along, making motifs in scratchy Marvel acrylic and not being satisfied but having long ago lost my joie de vivre for this particular quest for scarves of gifting. I never thought I’d say it, but Lincraft saved the day.

Fuzz Bunny isn’t real, he’s just a guy in a suit

The fuzz bunny cardigan may be dead. I set it aside to work on other things and every now and then it crosses my mind and I think, am I really going to wear that? and the more I think about it, the more I just know… I know, deep in my heart, that I probably won’t wear it.

My daughter insists that she loves it, but I know better. Out of the dozen things I’ve made her, she wears two of them.

I feel like it’s destined to be frogged.

However, I’m feeling ok about it because maybe I can use the yarn to make something like this

or this


But I’m still in a tizz about whether I should finish it and try it on or if I should just rippit, rippit.