Fibre art, knitty, crochety, art & crafty blogs that I read (in no particular order):

  • Geek & Nerd Knits –  a photoblog of geeky and nerdy knitted and crocheted creations. It is full of awesome.
  • Pippa Patchwork – somewhat obviously, this is largely about quilting. Full of tutorials and really nifty ideas.
  • The Ladies of Mischief – less a blog and more a oh-my-god-i-must-have-that-book-when-it-comes-out. The LOM blog gives updates of the creative process behind a book of steam-punky knitted goodness that is on it’s way.
  • CocoKnits – lots of tips and tutorial and generally interesting bits and pieces. Also a free pattern section that is not too shabby at all.
  • Mochimochi Land – ridiculously cute and clever amigurumis getting up to mischief!
  • little cotton rabbits – a blog by a knitty, crafy mum with a neurotypical daughter and autistic son.
  • Knitting Linguist – a professor of linguistics and her knitting adventures.
  • Zeneedle – a beautiful, calming and inspiring blog, focused on knitting and photography.
  • completely cauchy – imaginative and unconventional quilting, embroidery, knitting and whatever the hell else comes along.
  • Not Plain Jane – mostly knitting, also musings.
  • Planet June – amigurumi and other crafty endeavors, tutorials too!
  • Tami’s Amis – amigurumi and various, also the home of Wednesday WIP and Friday FO!
  • Hugs for your Head – obviously hats. Includes socks and stuff, an entertaining read.
  • ikat bag – may be one of the most inspiring bloggers out there. She makes and sells bags and bag patterns, builds AMAZING cardboard creations, raises two beautiful daughters, posts crafty and sewing tutorials and is generally fabulous.
  • TECHknitting – the most well-known of knitting unventors (after Elizabeth Zimmerman of course). This is the most useful of knitting blogs full of tutorials on different techniques that will improve the look of the finished product. BEST REFERENCE on the web.
  • Mason-Dixon Knitting – Ann and Kay live on different sides of the divide, and collaborate beautifully. Known for their books and magazine contributions, this blog is an entertaining read indeed.
  • Knitting to Stay Sane – free patterns, well-written and a fun Canadian blog.
  • Yarn Harlot – of course, the ubiquitous Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, what blog roll would be complete without her? Funny, interesting and full of life and love, no wonder she has one so many blogging awards!

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