Mission Statement

The purpose of this blog is to examine, discuss and explore frugal knitting, or knitting on a budget.

Yarn snobs are all around me, and I understand the premise. When creating a knitted or crocheted piece you do spend such a great deal of time working with the yarn you want it to feel good to use. So much effort goes into the product you want it to be wearable.

However, I am not in a position to spend a lot of money on yarn. A lot of other people are in the same boat, which is why I have created this blog. There is a difference between inexpensive and cheap and nasty. I am going to be exploring those differences.

I will look at the budget yarns available and analyse not only their feel, but their performance and make suggestions for suitable applications. Not all acrylics are created equal, some are quite soft yet hard wearing, some are rigid and scratchy and sometimes you can reduce the undesirable qualities by treating the finished garment.

I acquire most of my yarn by online order from Ice in Turkey (always with the smallest shipping cost), at Spotlight clearance sales and as hand-me-downs. I also want to look at reclaiming yarn, using novel materials as yarn and various ways to use up those little half balls and scraps everyone ends up having around the place.

I also want to share my current projects, favourite designers, tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way. The knitting world is such a large and varied arena, we all have our little niche in it’s circle of life and I’m carving out mine *wink*

My name is Emily, I’m a stay at home mum and knitting fiend with aspirations to design.

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