Not really about knitting, which is odd for me.

There is knitting happening, don’t you worry your pretty little face about that. However, I’m not going to post about it today (PLOT TWIST!!). I’m not entirely sure why, but since I’m not inclined to introspection at the moment let’s just move on to some content:

Yesterday I went a little Suzy Homemaker nuts. I spent about five or six hours in the kitchen.

wpid-storagesdcard0PicturesPicCollageCollage-2014-03-04-20_20_25.jpg.jpgThere’s some cheese straws, cake-mix cookies, mini-quiches and tortellini (from scratch, no less!) that I served with alfredo sauce (also from scratch!). The man was impressed, as he generally is when I get domestic.

I’ve been reading Sunshine by Robin McKinley. If you are a fan of urban supernatural I can heartily recommend this one. Also, I appreciate that it is not entirely centered around the horizontal sweaty monkey dance like so many stories in that genre. Not that I don’t enjoy a good horizontal sweaty monkey dance, but I do get tired of reading about it just when the story is getting interesting.

Since, I’ve managed to stray so far from my blog’s mandate today I think I’ll just follow that downhill slide with a picture of my dog.


Now, come one, you have to admit that is pretty freakin’ adorable.


No, I don’t know either.

My Ravelry project page and queue in no way reflect what is actually happening. Just putting it out there. I’m honestly not sure how much I care.

I mean, I *know* that adding projects and making notes is infinitely useful to other people who are thinking of making that pattern – because I certainly appreciate a quick review of what everyone else has done to modify it. Not to mention it also helps to see the finished object on a variety of body-types rather than just those with (today’s cultural perception of) the ideal figure. Does that make me more likely to keep up-to-date on my own project pages? Nope, it just gives me a niggling feeling of guilt that I don’t. Given my propensity towards feeling guilty about things I *should* be doing, I can easily ignore this one.

As for my queue… well, it’s all good intentions really, isn’t it? I’ll let you in on a secret when I start a new project, I never look at my queue. No, I don’t understand why either. The workings of my mind are a mystery even unto me, dear hearts.

Ok, now this is stuck in my brain. Oy.