Finished Object Friday #1

I’ve done a few WIPWs but today is first FOF, believe it or not! Of course, whenever I use that acronym, I always say it as “foff” in my head which reminds me of my daughter. She was an excellent hostess at the age of two. Whenever my friends would visit she would immediately hug their legs, look intensely into their eyes and ask, “Wanna foffee?”

I finished the Sera top from last weeks W.I.P.W.ย and I over-dyed it. I neglected to take photos before and during, but here is a refresher of what it looked like in progress:



Pretty, but not a great colour for me. So I used some of this good stuff:

wpid-wp-1393400832359.jpgI knew that the acrylic would not take the dye, but the cotton would. I used hot water, half a bottle of the dye and a cup of salt. I did not pay any attention at all to the instructions for diluting and just used enough hot water to cover the garment.


wpid-20140224_102006.jpgThe colour is almost a grey/maroon/purplish. It’s very nice. Not black, but very nice indeed and definitely way more wearable than the yellow.

This post has been a part of Tami’s Amis F.O. Fridays ๐Ÿ˜€



12 thoughts on “Finished Object Friday #1

    • Thank you! I must admit I let out an incredible sigh of relief when it dried… It could have gone horribly wrong ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. I always think that over-dying a finished garment is the definition of brave! You were right to do it though – it’s a much more wearable colour now. I can imagine it layered over a dark grey or black turtleneck.

  2. Well, it was overdye or never wear! It’s the tail end of summer here in Australia, so I’m thinking it will look lovely over a singlet top or tank top, Thank you for your comment!

    • Thank you! It’s not the first time I’ve done it because I am one of those people who buys tons and tons of yarn on special and then when I go to use it – I realise that perhaps the colour wasn’t such a great idea, lol.
      I just had a poke around your blog, I love those Tardis socks!

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