Dead Fish Hat

I had been thinking about making the Fish Hat [Dead or Alive] for so long – in fact, ever since it was first published.  I was pretty excited when I decided that I was actually going to make it and I showed it to a bunch of people, most of whom gave me a look that indicated a complete lack of understanding as to why that would be a desirable thing to have (some of my friends are entirely the wrong sort of people).

20131209_122056 20131209_122106

It is really difficult to take pictures of yourself wearing a hat. I know this hat is a winner because the child immediately claimed it. She did not take it off for nearly a month. Boo-yah!


I decided to cut the yarn after each stripe because I was using so many colours that carrying them up the side would get very unwieldy and thick. I ended up with a metric butt-load of ends to weave (that being the technical term, of course), which I did in one marathon session involving the latest season of Downton Abbey. Nothing made me cry this year, but I am very concerned about Edith and I’m sure that something is going to happen in the Christmas special. Don’t tell me!!

If I made this pattern again I would do a few things differently. I’d use at least one size smaller needle (yeah, I didn’t swatch. I’m such a rebel). I’d also either use fewer colours and carry them up or make larger stripes so I wouldn’t have to do so much finishing. I’m not a h8r about working in ends – it usually doesn’t bother me much. However, in this case I made the mistake of leaving the ends loose so the stitches at the beginning and end of each colour change got really stretched out and made it so much more painful when I was finishing and whilst I was knitting, so I’ve learnt a lesson about tying the ends together to make the fabric firmer as I go, though I’d untie them before weaving the ends in.

I am very happy with how it turned out. I’m wondering if I’ll ever get to wear it myself though since it has disappeared into the black hole of my daughter’s room.

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