My mother the enabler

I love my mum for so many reasons, but a big one is her generosity of spirit.

She is a bargain hunter, she loves the thrill of the chase, the getting of a deal. She trawls the car boot sales, charity shops and sales bins to find that special something at a price that is less than it’s worth.

Recently, she has turned her attention to my yarn needs and has scored me some awesome stuff (and I rarely have to pay her back). Here is but a selection of her purchases, I didn’t want to go overboard and get too picture heavy.wpid-20140205_180556_zpszzm3yvq_edit_1392548181269.jpgwpid-12373800413_423b3ec1a3_o.jpg

wpid-12373577775_cdc04be57e_o.jpg wpid-12375495963_808d58ac27_o.jpg


I have a plan for this mesh yarn, an interesting little plan that may turn out to be something… (ooooh, I’m so mysterious!).


Point being, my mother is the best mother ever and you should be totes jelly.

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