W.I.P. Wednesday Three

I’ve got a few things on the boil, but the project that has been getting the majority of my attention at the moment is the Sera Lace Top by Doris Chan. And I do love me some Doris.

wpid-20140217_132042.jpgI’m using Moda Vera Diva, which I bought years and years ago marked down to $10 for a package of 10. Yes, the price got me – especially considering my feelings on yellow (largely negative).

I’m loving the pattern, it works up fairly quickly and painlessly. The construction is so SENSIBLE! I love that in a pattern! It’s very similar to the free Bronze Beauty pattern, which I made for my MIL last year.

Usually I would add a few rows to the bottom to make it longer, but I’m pretty sure that it will stretch given the open weave of the pattern and the nature of the yarn.

I’ve got some black dye left over from an experiment over-dying some of the daughterbeasts dresses (note: it didn’t work in a very disappointing fashion) which I am considering using to overdye the top once it’s done. I just don’t like yellow.

This post has been part of Tami Ami’s WIP Wednesdays!


7 thoughts on “W.I.P. Wednesday Three

    • I may have overstated my dislike for yellow, lol. I don’t wear it, though so I’m really hoping the overdying works out! I’ll post results.

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