Two words: Monster Butt.

Eons ago, I made a doggie sweater out of Paton’s Country Wide chunky yarn. I kinda made it up as I went along. When my daughter expressed distaste at the colour, I agreed. When she insisted that the dog just didn’t like it, I agreed but I told her that the dog needs to be warm and she will get used to it.

Then my daughter hid the sweater. For a few months she adamantly refused to tell me where the sweater was because the dog didn’t like wearing it and I was being mean by making Pixie wear it.

It’s freakin’ cold around here, so I finally extracted the information from the childerbeast and have dressed the dog warmly.

003Seriously, could she be any cuter? Dang, she’s adorable.

Not that I’m one of those weird dog-mommy types. *ahem*

Current WIP is those nappy cover/soakers that I was talking about in my last post. Photographic evidence.

006 007The purple ones are in a newborn size and the orange are the next size up.  So far, so good.


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