You spin me right round, baby.

Check out this handspun. Rowr.
003 I bought the carded wool from Gail at the Merriwa Festival of the Fleeces. Oddly enough, she was the only fleece vendor there. The rest were various handmades, also a sheep shearing demo and a parade headed by a flock of sheep running down the main street, some of which were wearing red socks.

Anyhow, this is 250g from a merino cross named Jessie. It’s a lovely natural brown-grey, the perfect colour for making a hat for The Man. The Man doesn’t realise that he will be getting a hat. He’s been asking for one for a while, but I’ve been reluctant considering he lost the first one I made him. He tried to redeem himself by claiming he left it in the studio and someone must have stolen it because it was so lovely, but I have my doubts.

014This is what happened to the rough-stuff I was talking about in the last post. I’m not sure how much I like the pooling at the top… I would like it if it was consistent over the whole thing, but meh.

020It holds pencils pretty well, though. Look at those pencils… It sure knows how to hold them. Champion effort.

I’m considering ripping back to where the pooling started and changing hook size to see if it mixes it up a little, then maybe felt it.

There is something awesome soaking… You’d better be excited to see it, it’s so worth being excited about. I’m telling you, I can’t hype it enough. Anticipate, people, anticipate.


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