It’s less a holiday and more an obligation

I’ve returned from visiting the Gold Coast. Whilst I was there, I got the opportunity to help my friend organise the first meeting of the Gold Coast Yarn Craft group…. which went fabulously! I think the turn out will be low for the group this evening as far too many people seem to care about the State of Origin football game. The man is watching it on T.V. and I am currently hiding in my craft room. I can still hear it. Help me. There has been some knitting, crocheting, spinning and so forth but mostly I’ve been settling back into home, trying to motivate the child to do her school work and what have you. We had an excellent day today, much was achieved and with a relatively good attitude! Winning! So whilst visiting with my yarn-sista, we dyed up some hand-spun wool that came with her spinning wheel.


Sunset inspired


Ocean inspired

Just using food colouring, citric acid and the microwave. Fun times. Unfortunately, I found the wool was way too scratchy for my usual hand-spun, hand-dyed, cast-on-and-seed stitch-til-it’s-gone-then-seam-that-sucker cowl. The sunset colour has become a cylindrical pencil cup type of thing and the ocean will be similar, maybe a bowl.

On the way up to the coast we stopped at Moonbi Alpaca Cafe on the off-chance they may have fleece. I didn’t have high hopes, most alpaca shops seem to have very expensive designer garments and limited yarn. I got so lucky and bought a kilo of raw alpaca fleece for $20. Fair enough, it is random fleece, not graded for quality or whatnot, but most of it is very very usable. So I spent a good long time on my yarn-sista’s spinning wheel (I was having spinning withdrawals) and got about 170m of bulkyish weight.031

Nifty, yes?


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