Stuff still happens.

Things are still happening even though the blog has languished in despair. So many things.

I’m learning to spin! It is awesome and I love it. I’ve been spinning and then dying the yarns and then knitting them. I’ve actually only got one ball of handspun that is yet to be knitted!

I’m on holidays at my Mum’s house again so I can’t do a full WIP update. However, I will share some recent FOs, because why not?


Pixie is helpfully modelling the Beth’s Little Star Afghan… it now lives on my couch.
Some balls of hand-spun, hand-dyed yarns. The red has been made into a pixie-hood in a toddler size, the blue is a seed-stitch cowl and the mint-green has to decide what it wants to be.



More of my hand-spun, hand-dyed. I was inspired by the Cheshire Cat from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. I made a super long skein around the dining room chairs so that my colour repeats would be long. And it became….


Legwarmers! There was enough left to make a pair of small fingerless gloves, which are all finished but not yet photographed.


My brother is having twin boys TOMORROW! I’ve made four of these hats, they just need blocking now. Two smallish and two slightly larger. BABIES!! YAY!!008And here I am modelling a hat that I made for a friend’s daughter. She is 16 and decided in the infinite wisdom of a teenager to shave her head. Even though it is winter here. She admitted that she probably didn’t think it through as much as she could have. Don’t worry, she loves Joss. I (barely) used this pattern. Significant adjustments were made to accommodate the weight of yarn I was using (Lincraft DK held double).

So, yeah… I may not update the blog, but knitting still happens 🙂