Finished Object Friday FTW

Delphine is done.


I only made a few adjustments. Firstly, I did a provisional cast-on and when it was finished I used a picot bind-off so that the top and bottom would be more matchy-matchy.


I also mucked around with the dividing for armholes and neck, as detailed in a different post. It didn’t really “change” anything, but it made more sense to me


Yeah, baby… looking pretty sweet.

Oh! And furthermore to my post on Wednesday, I met one of the Merriwa Jumbucks! Judith was part of the team whose record time of 4hrs and 51mins from the sheep’s back to the back of the shearer is still unbroken! Very coincidental and serendipitous.

Judith is one of three ladies who have generously volunteered their time and resources to teach our local home-schooling group various fibre arts, including knitting, crochet, weaving and spinning. When I expressed my *passionate* desire to learn to spin and my deep and profound longing for a spinning wheel, Judith mentioned that one of her friends may be willing to part with a wheel for a ridiculously low sum that is within my budget. Fingers crossed! I’m really looking forward to the kids learning all the fibre arts and gaining some new skills. There seems to be a really strong emphasis within the local community on passing on heirloom arts and crafts to the younger generations. I did mention the upsurgence in knitting and crochet amongst my generation, but I don’t think they really believed me…

Part of Tami’s Amis FO Friday initiative XD



4 thoughts on “Finished Object Friday FTW

  1. I love Delphine. I have the pattern and keep thinking about making it. Every time I see it, I’m more tempted. Maybe this Summer.

    It’s good to hear that in your Community people want to take the time and pass on their knowledge to the younger generation. If we don’t tap this resource now, we will lose so much.

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