Not so much of Gittin’ stuff done.

I’ll tell you something – doing distance education with your child is a LOT of work. We’re heading into our third week and still getting settled in. I’m hoping that when we get on an even keel I will have time to knit and blog about it a bit more.

I did attempt some Git ‘er Done, Son004

I had already done the body and a sleeve of my daughter’s Stripy Cardigan. This is one that I’ve been making up as I go along, basing the design on one of her favourite cardigans that she has outgrown.

This is how much I managed to get done, but I have written out what I did on the other sleeve so that I can match it up. Still to do is the making up, the hood and button band. I’m musing about whether I should continue with this, considering I didn’t get much done on it last week or if I should stick to the original plan and work on another project.008

Delphine is nearly finished! I just have to weave in ends, put some buttons on and thread a ribbon through the neckline. Fingers crossed I’ll have an FO Friday this week!

This is a sneaky peak of a project I’m hoping to write a tutorial about…. ooooh, mysterious.


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