I’m easily distrac…. Bunny!

I kinda got derailed with last weeks Git ‘er Done project. It distracted me from from my current WIP, Delphine.

I chose the languishing Forest Petals Shawl and enjoyed it so much that I barely put any effort into Delphine!!


The little tunisian squares are so fun! Doop-de-doober-doop. (that’s my merry little tunisian-ing tune).


Coming along nicely, right? I added about four tiers this week, it’s been a busy one for us. Then I noticed, waaaay back at the beginning, on about the fourth tier….062

GACK!! A mistake! I’m currently debating how much I care. There is no chance of frogging that far back… sacrilege! I think I have devised a way to “fix” it, but it’s risky and will involve a lot of end-weavery. Or I could leave it. It really doesn’t stand out too much – but the problem is that I know it’s there.


One thought on “I’m easily distrac…. Bunny!

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