WIP Weds #3

I continue with Delphine.


Here she is, displayed on my more-pleasingly-shaped-than-myself-but-still-numerically-accurate dress form.

008 She’s looking a little roomy in the bust region. That being said, most stuff is a little roomy in the bust area on me. I’ve made my peace with that.


I really have to tell you – Delphine has STUPID instructions for dividing the armholes and dividing the neck. Seriously STUPID. I looked at the pattern. I looked at the errata. I read the forums. I read the pattern comments. Seriously, the plan sucks.

For the set-up row one is supposed to work the back, divide for armhole and put the back stitches on a holder. We work to the middle front then attach a new ball and work the remainder of the front, since we’ve been working in the round this is all happening on the right side of the fabric.

This is the point where it gets ridiculous:

In order to maintain the integrity of the stitch pattern (so that the working of decreases and yarn overs are on the right side) we are supposed to begin the first row of the front ON THE RIGHT SIDE… essentially, we are supposed to cut BOTH of the balls of yarn and reattach rather than working a WS row as the first row of the front shaping. (I’m not sure I’m explaining this very well, but it is really hard to explain something that makes SO LITTLE SENSE! I mean, with one of these balls of yarn, we’ve only worked one row of half of the front!)

Since I also want to maintain the integrity of the stitch pattern and keep the increases and decreases on the right side of the work, but I really don’t want to have to cut and reattach the yarn, I am proceeding thusly:

  • Work the back, mark the armhole division.
  • Work the left side of the front, mark the neck division.
  • Work the right side of the front

Now watch closely, this here is where it gets fancy:

The back is worked on a different sized needle, so I’m working the first row of back stitches onto the new needles and leave them there (with little rubber bands on so the stitches don’t fall off).

Then I work the first row of the left front, attach a new ball at the neck division and work the right side with the new ball, bringing me to where the designer wants me to be at the end of the first row of front shaping without the cutting of yarns and all I’ve really done is gone ahead and worked the first row of the back ahead of schedule. I’m so tricky. I feel like I’ve really kicked this pattern’s arse.

Part of Tami’s Amis WIP Weds initiative


11 thoughts on “WIP Weds #3

  1. I did not see what you meant with “roomy”, because it all looks fine to me and does not match with what I thought it meant. 🙂 It’s beautiful. However, it’s a pitty that the instruction isn’t clear. Good luck anyway! Regula

    • It’s not too visible in the picture, but it gathers up in the bust. I plan to put a ribbon through the neckline anyway, so it should still look nice 😀 Thank you for saying it’s pretty, it is a lovely pattern.

    • Thank you! I tend to exaggerate for dramatic effect when I complain about things. I think my modification will work,I am really just trying to avoid having more ends to weave in 😀

  2. Boo to patterns that don’t make sense! And Yay for you figuring out a better way! I’m so impressed. That’s the part I need to work on. 😉 Regardless, it’s looking lovely and you’ll be done in no time!

    • Lol, I just hate the idea of cutting yarn more than necessary! Especially since I’m not sure on the fit and will have to frog and re-do if it doesn’t work! I don’t want a bunch of small lengths to try and re-knit!

  3. Ooo La la! Look at all that lace! This is going to be gorgeous! I hope that the roominess in the bust doesn’t end up being an issue for you. I can’t really notice it in the photos.

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