Git ‘er done, son.

As per Monday’s post, having so many projects floating around is generally considered a “bad thing”. I know this in an intellectual way but it doesn’t make me any more motivated to git ‘er done, son. I’ve read many posts on many blogs that propound the wisdom of a general finishing up of projects, to de-clutter, clarify and freshen things up. It’s a very common New Year’s Resolution!

Zilredloh started Project CPR last year; an awesome idea to get all those niggling projects finished off. I KNOW I saw a similar idea on another blog, but I can’t find it for the life of me. Furthermore, had an article about Knit Psycho‘s Finish or Frog 2008 initiative. The actual “finish or frog” pages seem to have vanished into the ether of the internets.

If you have the teensiest modicum of intuition you may be able to see where I am going with this.

Time frames and deadlines are so not my thing. In fact, giving myself a deadline is counterproductive. Procrastination is not my friend, and the extra pressure of knowing I need to finish at a certain time has the opposite of the intended effect and throws me into a paralysed state reminiscent of something small and furry in the glare of headlights.

None of these projects need to be finished up with any kind of urgency, but they linger indefinitely. So this is my plan, a modification of Project CPR and Finish or Frog, with a little bit of the idea from that other blog that I can’t find thrown in.

I usually get between 3 to 6 knitting hours a day, most days of the week. I knit when I watch TV, read a book, wait for dinner to cook (when I wait for anything), when I’m going places and NOT driving, I knit at the drop of a hat and anytime I can squeeze it into my day. Given how much knitting time I have, I should be able to divert some of that time into finishing stuff, right?

One day of the week, I will use my knitting time – be it half an hour or a whole day – to work on a sorely neglected project. I will rotate the projects so that each week a different project is getting it’s moment in the sun.

It needs a snappy name. I’ll have to mull on that. Go ahead and suggest something awesome in the comments or jump on my bandwagon and git ‘er done, son.


5 thoughts on “Git ‘er done, son.

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