WIP Weds 3

tami_wipI’ve cast on Delphine in Moda Vera Ambrosia for around the fourth time. This is the furthest I’ve gotten, and so far so good. But seriously people, the shaping is done by going down needle sizes, so you start out on a 3.5mm, go to a 3.0mm and finish on a 2.75mm (which seems REALLY small when you are working with sport weight yarn!!). When you are swatching, you are doing three of the sons of bitches. Add to this that your swatches are done in pattern repeats and measured afterwards, as in x pattern repeats by x rows should measure x by x cms THREE TIMES – point being, I didn’t do it. Nobody likes swatching and this kind of ridiculous level of swatching is never going to happen.


Now, this is the way I figure it… Minimal shaping and fit required for the main body tube, so until we reach the bust we’re pretty cool as long as it’s big enough to go around me. I’m going to put the stitches on waste yarn and try the suckah on occasionally to assess how good the fit is. Yes, it probably wastes more time than swatching for gauge, but the fact of the matter is even when I have acheived gauge on a project, it has rarely lasted and i’ve ended up STILL being off, so I reckon I’m gonna try it this way.


I’m totally a rebel like that.


16 thoughts on “WIP Weds 3

  1. Good luck!! I never swatch, to hell with that. I want the fun stuff straight away!

    Great pattern, looking forwardto seeing more of it

    • I really hope so! I am a swatch-hater. I think we should have a Non-Swatching Anonymous group. Hi, my name is Emily and I don’t swatch.

    • This is the fourth time I’ve tried (in quick succession). I reckon the designer’s gauge must be tight because it looked way to small when I tried before. Reading people’s pattern notes on Rav gave me a bit more confidence, apparently the stitch pattern stretches like warm mozzarella.

  2. You guys are awesome! I love it when people agree with me! I’ve got my fingers crossed too – at the rate I’m going it will be done mid-Feb if you feel like checking back.

  3. Granted, I’ve never done a sweater, but I have never swatched either LOL I’m not saying its the right thing to do.. but I’m also not telling you its wrong hehehe I look forward to seeing your progress 🙂

    • I *try* to swatch, but most of the time (even when I do a generous swatch using exactly the same techniques as I would for the garment) it lies! SWATCHES LIE!! Or maybe I’m just inconsistent 😀

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