now we return to our regularly scheduled programming

Look, whilst I enjoyed having visitors and going off to visit my family, I gotta say, I’m pretty durn glad it’s over! No offense guise, but I need to get down to business – the business of knitting a wholeheckofalot! Since I’m such a busy and important person, I haven’t updated in a while – let’s recap what projects are currently languisihing shall we?

Our last update was Work In Progress Weds: 2 and there are a few things on that list that have moved no further forward:

  • The Beetle Cardigan has not been touched
  • The Fuzz Bunny Hooded Jacket is in the midst of an existential crisis i.e. I feel it shouldn’t exist. However, I can’t frog it cos the Shutterbug has developed an attachment.
  • The Never-ending dresing gown has had absolutely no work put into it. It will become a thing of legend, ballads and myths will spring up around it. Of course, I could be tending towards dramatic. That’s been known to happen.
  • Another project that has not seen the light of day in a rather long time is the Butterfly Dress. I still love you, precious, I’ll get to you soon.

I dragged out Beth’s Little Star Afghan last night and put in a few stitches. Actually, I managed to get a whole round done which is no mean feat at this size. I haven’t made enough progress to warrant a new photo, so if you are a visually inclined person you’ll just have to suck it.

The Forest Petals Shawl had annoyed me and got put in the naughty corner, even though it was clearly my fault for being ditzy and not joining rows properly (FIVE TIMES). I am no longer angry at it so maybe I’ll put some time in on it soon.

I mentioned that I was doing the Heirloom Rose Medallion Shawl MKAL. While the pattern has not ceased being really lovely there are three reasons why this is going to be a small wrap rather than a full shawl:

  1. the shine has rather worn off the pattern for me, it just doesn’t seem as pretty now as it did in the beginning.
  2. the medallions are getting a little repetitive
  3. I was way too optimistic vis a vis the yardage and I cannot find more of the same yarn

It remains to be seen whether I will start another one in different yarn to remain part of the KAL or if I’ll just finish off what I’ve got going on and call it good.

There is the Joule pullover, which has peeved me so much that I am NOT taking a photo. It does not deserve that kind of attention since it will only serve to reinforce it’s horrific behaviour. I’ve reknit it from the back neck shaping once already because it was too puckery and the SLEEVES DIDN’T FIT INTO THE ARMHOLES!! Now the sleeves still don’t fit, the back is still too puckery and I HATE IT WITH PASSIONATE FURY! So at the moment it is having time out while I decide whether it gets to live or is executed for it’s crimes against my sanity.

Also, my Ariel/Joy 18 or whatever is sitting sadly on it’s own. After trolling facebook for opinions, it has been decided that it needs a black or dark purple/blue border to finish it off nicely and I just don’t have that kind of yarn in a sock weight hanging around at the moment, *le sigh*.

I’m also working on the Delphine camisole, but since that is the one occupying the majority of my attention it gets a post of it’s own later on.

Please feel free to leave your own list of hibernating projects or a link to a post on your blog about projects-that-just-don’t-get-done!


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