The conquering hero returns

It is SO GOOD to be home. Crazy good. It’s odd to come home and see what has and hasn’t been done by the Man whilst we were away. I’ve been tweeting things as I come across them. Boys are weird and they don’t think ahead.

Whilst holidaying I attended at Stitch’n’Bitch with my Yarn Sistah. Now, she knows that I’m not a big fan of going into unfamiliar social situations (though I cover it up well) and even though she acknowledged that it would be difficult for me, she told me I must do it anyway. Of course she was right (Yarn Sistah usually is). She KNEW that I would hit it off with the host, because we have all manner of odd and subversive interests in common. The ladies were AWESOME and I have new friends! Whodathunkit?

I was so encouraged by this success that I went to a gathering the next evening – which did not go so well and reinforced my tendency to avoid unfamiliar social situations. Therefore, I did not go to the New Year’s party that I was invited to attend. We did view some fireworks, the Shutterbug loves fireworks.  The goggie does not.

In knitting news:

I have joined the Rose Medallion Heirloom Shawl Mystery Knit  Along (that’s a mouthful). Fellow blogger Pauline is helping out in the running of it and it’s coming along quite nicely, though the middle of my medallions STILL look like nipples.

Due to Spotlight’s exceptional post-Xmas sales, I picked up some Noro knock-off yarn. It was a disappointment. It is such low twist that it tends to pull apart and there is NO chance of frogging – it’s as bad as mohair, which is dreadfully irritating when I’m pretty sure I am not going to like the outcome. However, the colour is awesome! It looks great knitted up.

I’m “interpreting” Noro Joy 18,also known as Ariel, a pattern I’ve wanted to make for a long time. I’ll be ready to knit on some borders soon, I’m considering a 2×2 rib in black.


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