Merry My-gosh-isn’t-it-close-to-christmas!!

My daughter (I really MUST think of some clever bloggy type nickname) did an impromptu photoshoot of my recently completed Waterlily at Bunnings (a gigantic hardware store, for international readers).


I can’t help it, I ham it up in pictures – especially if they are being taken in public.


At one point there was a young-ish man walking towards me, as the child-creature was snapping and I felt so ridiculous.


Not that it stopped us.

Knitting away on the Joule Pullover. Completed up to the armsycle (or whatever that fancy term for pit area is).


See that stockinette roll? See that? That’s about an inch worth of knitting right there! I have concerns.

One fear has been allayed however, by the simple method of holding it up to my body. It probably will not be too wide – not so confident about length.


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