Save the Swatch!

Yesterday afternoon I was swatching for the Joule Pullover. I noticed that if gauge is wrong on the first square, my second attempt is usually a heck of a lot smaller. In fact, my second swatch could have doubled as a blanket for a ladybird.

Pertinent to this, I was reading your ugliest FO on Ravelry and somebody linked to these fingerless gloves. It occurred to me that since I hate swatching mainly because there is nothing to show for the effort and it “wastes” the yarn – these might be the ideal solution! I feel clever now, though I’m sure somebody else has been there first. (I’m just going to put it out there, a lot of people say swatches = great dishcloths. I, for one, have NEVER used a knitted dishcloth and I fail to see their appeal as usable objects. Also, not all yarn types would work in that capacity. AND my issue with swatching is largely wasted time and yarns, so dishcloths are a massive fail on that front. Just sayin’)

Oh! I finished Waterlily.

003These photos really don’t do it justice.
004I’m hoping to get some modelled photos soon. Good thing I have my own personal 11 year old photographer!


I also gave that yarn I reclaimed a bath. Now to ball it up – good thing I have ye olde ball winder.


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