WIP Weds 2

Christmas projects are done, barring the innards and mounting of Biology 101 and now I *really* want to make something for myself.

Initially I had a great idea for a design using the Liquide I purchased the other day. So I drew some stuff up, wrote out some measurements and basic pattern to try, did up a swatch and…


I realised that the texture just wasn’t going to work for my idea AT ALL. So that’s been set aside for a little while to mull.

I felt that, since I had finished (mostly) my goals for Christmas knitting it was time to take stock of the current WIPs that have been lugged from Goulburn to our new house.

This is a cardigan of my own design-as-you-go-along based on a cardigan that my daughter loved and outgrew. It requires

  • one sleeve
  • hood
  • sewing up
  • button band
  • buttons


I didn’t actually realise how big Beth’s Little Star Afghan had gotten until I laid it out to take a photo! This is something that I think I will just keep going and going and going on until I feel like it’s big enough.


I haven’t done much with the Butterfly Dress since my last WIP Wednesday. I think I sewed up one side. Still to do:

  • Sew up one side
  • knitted armholes
  • knitted neck & back edging
  • straps
  • some form of ruching to deal with the length & silhouette issues from terrible gauge interpretation


Honestly, I would frog this b*$#@ if my kid didn’t love it and believe she NEEDED it to wear. I started referring to it as The Fuzz Bunny Beret, for some bizarre reason. This needs

  • sew shoulder seams
  • hood
  • cap sleeves
  • buttons

and I just don’t want to do it, because I feel like it’s going to turn out badly, and yet if I don’t do it the child won’t know that it is bad. So it’s like I need to finish it to prove to her that it is bad and therefore shouldn’t take up my time. *sigh* THERE IS NO WIN HERE.


Forest Petals Wrap is coming along very nicely. I put a few more rows of square onto it last week. I am just not in the mood for it. I intend to keep going til the yarn is gone. It’s going to need a VERY INTENSE block, but it will be lovely. Happy happy happy.


This is my most recent cast on. I’ve gotten this much done in two days, well really a day and a half so I think it’s going to be super quick to get done. It’s Waterlily in Ice Yarns Viscose Linen. The yarn is rough and fibrous, and feels quite low-process hempy – but I have used this yarn before and it softens up with a good old soak.

The Never-Ending-Dressing-Gown continues in the state it always has. We do not speak of it.


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