In the Jungle, the Peaceful Jungle

So, what have I been doing in the dead of night whilst the creatures of the house sleep? What have I been busying myself with whilst they dream their dreams in oblivion mere metres away?


Reclaiming yarns. These are from a failed brioche stitch striped wrap cardigan thing that I began about 8 years ago.


This pink viscose has had many, many attempts to make it into things. It tangles easily. Grrr.


These used to be doilies in crochet cotton from the Yarn Fairy. They are no longer.

They all require a good long bath and prolonged hang out in the shade.
022These still need to be reclaimed. The grey failed apres surf hoodie, the Moonstone dress in black, and a moebius wrap in a completely different fuzzy red. Also a random assortment of granny squares that I have somehow acquired which will yield on small amounts of yarn (which may go into an artist’s bag? or a random scarf? not sure yet).

The Moonstone dress gets it’s own post a bit later on. I still carry some sadness in my heart over it. Sigh, so pretty – yet such a disaster.


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