DPNs are jerks and they hate you.

I am a gigantic fan of Biology 101 by Emily Stoneking. The creepiness and geekiness factor are both very high, so it’s an ideal project for me.

Usually when I’m knitting small rounds I use the magic loop method or some variation thereof. Heavens to Betsy I don’t know what on God’s green earth possessed me, but I decided – hey, for once I have the correct size DPNs, I’ll do it that way.


If my next post details fashionably knitted eye-patches you will know why. These things are a menace – fumble, fumble *stab* fumble *stab* fumble

Also, Gir has a bassinet. He also has a little bed inside K’s bedside drawers. I’m very pleased with his popularity. She carries him around and sights and wishes he was real. So do I, baby, so do I.



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