Strangers in the Night.

So, I’ve moved house. It was a decent size move, from Goulburn to the Hunter Valley (for those who don’t know, the Hunter Valley is Australia’s centre of wine and horse racing, so booyah!). It’s not like I haven’t done it before, I mean, we moved from the Gold Coast to Goulburn so it’s something I am getting quite accustomed to. However, I don’t think I was aware initially of *exactly* how accustomed to moving around I would need to get with my fiance’s career path. Point being, the childerbeast will be homeschooled/distantly educated and therefore my knitting time has been seriously curtailed. In other words, I have only a little bit more time to knit than people with full-time jobs! Horrors!!

It’s taken a seriously ridiculous amount of time to get my studio organised, what with all this teaching my kid thing happening, but despite some serious neck-vagus-nerve-ouch-nausea ick going on this weekend, I was FIRED UP to get it done (I really think it has something to do with the Knitty articles about the Joys of Stash I’ve been reading).


001 Looking at this picture – the top left shelf has projects that need the yarn reclaimed, underneath are two hanging organisers that have yarn in them, and the storage box underneath is full of acrylic.

The shelves on the right have from top to bottom – sewing magazines, clothes for upcycling, finished yarny projects, batting and the storage tubs full of fabric.





002Starting again from the left – notebooks, knitting books, and knitting magazines

Hanging up are totebags with projects on the go, and skeins of reclaimed yarn that need washing.








004 These shelves are full of yarn, on top is a tapestry bag and a coffee pot full of knitting needles, mugs with loose crochet hooks and DPNs.

Those plastic storage drawers have more knitting knick knacks and sewing doohickeys in them.


Every single day I remind myself how lucky I am to have a room to myself to be creative and I really really love it… Like SOOOO MUCH!!





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