Mini update…

After 18 hours on the road yesterday, I am not in the mood for a proper post. I did all the driving, which is fine except for the knitting withdrawals.

I’m going to tell you something. For years and years they have been keeping this a secret from knitters. As one of the few who straddles the great knitting/crochet, I am in a unique position to tell you about this under-rated fibre art.


Tunisian crochet is tricking FUN! If you haven’t tried it, you really must. This is the beginning of my foresty shawl. Yeah, baby. Tres awesome.


7 thoughts on “Mini update…

  1. It sounds to me as if you might like my favourite crochet designer, too:
    aoibheni .com . Aoibhe is also on Ravelry, have a gander at her Venus shawl! Good luck with the foresty shawl, your yarn is very pretty.

    • I am really enjoying it, such a fun pattern… my next post will detail exactly how I messed it up and had to start over (twice)!

      I also like Teva Durham and Doris Chan’s designs in crochet – I like being able to do both knit and crochet because it means that you can choose which method will give you EXACTLY what you want in the finished product since the fabrics they create are so different.

    • Thank you! I like them better than the original colours they used for the pattern because this one is more muted and less HEY-I’M-GREEN-YEAH-I’M-SO-GREEN!!!!

      • hahahaha….since i have none done, i would be okay if any of my yarn started dancing and making squares…even if they were totally green. 😉

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