Stuff to take with me

Packing for the coast again – I will only be away for two weeks, but the fact that the departure date was moved up by three days and I’m now leaving in the morning (though this is a scheduled post so in actual fact I will have left the morning of the post – it’s like being a time traveller!!).

I plan to take a few projects so I have a choice of things to do, I hate being locked into just working on just one thing.

Forest Petals Shawl using dark green & cream variegated Moda Vera Corn

Coachella in a very light blue ICE Worsted Bamboo

Not to mention the sports supporter scarf I’m working on for a Xmas gift. I’m also taking my Knitpro Interchangeable Set and my crochet hooks, just in case I find some awesome yarn at Spotlight that requires IMMEDIATE knitting.


One thought on “Stuff to take with me

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