This blog needs a photo finish

Another day hiding in the studio to keep the heat in. The misery of the weather has led to a need for indoor clothes drying and as I don’t own a tumble dryer, I have resorted to hanging them in the studio… Therefore, hanging out in here with the heater going is accomplishing two things – keeping me cosy and helping the clothes get dry in under three days (which is the usual time frame for indoor drying in this weather). Three things actually, I’m also avoiding doing housework.

I also have a clingy little chihuahua on my lap. She has a grudge against her dog bed. No matter how comfy, even with a hot water bottle, she will not sleep in there. If there are no laps available she will sleep on the couch – up on the back of it, not on the seat (that’s far too passe). No matter how inconvenient the positioning of the lap, or how busy the owner of the lap, she will gravitate towards it like a moth to flame. Which is to be expected as the breed is a “lap dog”.

I’ve been thinking about photography for my blog, I’m not a huge photography person – I just don’t have an “eye” for it. I’ve had a quick scout around for some pointers.

Make use of tells us to get rid of the glaring annoyances and lists them in case we didn’t know.

Lovely pictures and pointers, the Older Geek is super helpful.

Etsy has a bunch of resources to improve your photography, I haven’t gone into them (some are videos but I only have 3G internet which is rather expensive) but I will next time I’m using the library’s free wireless.

ShrimpSalad has obvious stuff, but it’s pretty to look at!

StyleSample Mag has useful tips.

The main thing I’ve taken away from this is that I need to invest in a tripod!


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