Blocking and blogging

I’ve got my SIL’s Prairie Tunic by Veronik Avery blocking at the moment, it should be dry enough to sew together very soon.

I must admit I stumbled over the lace shaping when it came time to work the front triangles. I ended up fudging it a little to keep a good stocking stitch border between the garter stitch and lace pattern along the v-neck. Of course, if I had been bright enough to look for an errata in the first place, this could have been avoided. *sigh*

Also, I would like to draw your attention to my new blogroll. There are still more to be added, but the dog is asleep on my arm again and that is really not conducive to opening and closing many tabs and copying and pasting madly as would be required.

I have a shrug for my mummy on the needles at the moment. I had made her one in brown a while ago, but it was misplaced and some dastardly person did not hand it in to the lost and found. How do they live with themselves?


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