Slip into something more comfortable

Slippers are pretty awesome. I had a few opening statements in mind, but I chose to go with that one. It’s true, you know.

Crocheted slippers in bulky yarn are extra awesome. They take hardly any time to make and can be off make toes toasty in no time at all.

those are some big booties

Moda Vera Caterpillar is all acrylic, but still soft and squooshy. I paid $3 a ball for it, each slipper took two balls of yarn, so that is $12 a pair. Or it would have been if I didn’t already have some lying around – bwahahaha! The only reason they are stripey is because I had a fair bit of white in my stash. I was planning on crocheting a panda hat with earflaps and it just never happened. I couldn’t make it look right.

When one crochets stripes they have a terrible habit of creating “jogs” in your work where you change colour. Needlenoodles has a great tutorial on how to avoid it. She wrote the book Creepy Cute Crochet which has some of my favourite amigurumi patterns EVER. I love my little Cthulhu.

Garnstudio Drops has many many awesome and FREE slipper patterns. The pattern I used is 98-26 and it is used as the base for quite a few other slipper patterns. It is an incredibly easy pattern, and the finished result (while quite bootie-ish) does the job nicely.

My grandparents will have the warmest feet. Ever.


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