Where the Deer and the Antelope Play

Christmas approaches with rapidity. Every day it draws closer… closer… it looms like a pine-scented deadline.

I knit for my nearest and dearest (as they are the only ones that get gifts anyway), and my daughter sews simple drawstring bags for the gifts. The gifts that they receive speak of love and effort from both of us, that we’ve thought about them and what they will like and gone to a not insignificant amount of trouble to make it happen. My family appreciates that, they know how time-consuming it is and how much effort it takes. They also know that every minute I am knitting for them is a minute I am not knitting for myself and THAT is a great sacrifice.

The list of patterns matched to people is complete. I have completed a pair each of slipper socks for my grandparents, a fast and easy crochet. I used the free pattern 98-26 from garnstudio DROPS and Caterpillar 100% acrylic yarn by Moda Vera. Each pair used two balls which were purchased for around $3 each. Unfortunately, I can’t take a photo of them at the moment due to this:

could you turf this off your lap?

I did get a photo of the work in progress for my sister-in-law:

It’s my second attempt at the Prairie Tunic and it’s coming along nicely. My tension is still a little too loose, so it’s a leetle wider than it should be, but I think the weight of the yarn (Cleckheaton Bamboo) will pull the fabric down which will make it longer and thinner. If that makes sense, because inside my head that totally works.