Fuzz Bunny Beret, or the odd in my head.

I’m thinking this jacket I’m making should be called something along the lines of “Fuzz Bunny”… then somehow I put beret on the end of it and started singing “fuzz bunny beret” to the tune of Rasberry Beret by Prince. Yeah, baby. Living in my head has it’s fun. So, I discovered a few rows into this that the Honey yarn is not in fact fuzzy the whole time, it is a long repeat of fuzzy and not fuzzy.

SURPRISE!! One would think this would show up in my swatch (you know, that swatching thing that I resolved to do more often), but my swatch was more than a little half-assed. See, Drops patterns are fabulous for being overly complicated about how to shape and also giving the directions for shaping in the form of “once you have worked x cms, decrease every x cms). I was more concerned with getting my stitches per cm correct than the rows. However, check this shiznit out…

 Stripey! It breaks up the furry effect nicely, does it not? And also, no having to work two yarns together or change yarns. Awesomeness.


One thought on “Fuzz Bunny Beret, or the odd in my head.

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