Mossvale, the town made for pedestrians.

Before I went off to my specialist appointment in Mossvale, I confirmed the address of the yarn store I saw once while passing through (incidentally, Google is wrong about the address).

You see, the problem with Mossvale is the traffic. Maybe it’s just the times of day I have been there, but the main drag is always congested and it’s very difficult to pull over if you see something you would like to investigate.

I was determined to find this elusive place of yarn and fabrics. Armed with a faulty street address, a glimpsed sign and a half hour before departure time I set forth!

I should have just ignored TrueLocal and checked the Yellow Pages. Seriously. Needles & Yarn is so easy to find if you have the right address!!

First off, they are friendly! I feel like I should put this in bold and underline it twice. Isn’t it a sad state of affairs that friendly craft-type shop owners are so remarkable that it becomes exciting to find one?

They stock Twilley’s of Stamford, Cleckheaton and PandaNaturally NZ (yarns and tools), Addi, Clover, Wendy & Peter Pan,  Birch (tools) and more that I can’t remember. It isn’t a large selection, but I’d really like to qualify that by saying most regional Australians are incredibly used to having either NO yarn stores or access only to department store range (acrylic, acrylic and more acrylic and not much else) or big box craft stores like Spotlight.

The merchandise is only priced sporadically – usually it would bother me, but the owner was so pleasant when I asked how much  that I didn’t really care. I explained to her that I couldn’t purchase anything this week, but I needed to know how much things were so that it could be worked into the budget. I told her that my partner won’t let me have any money until I told him exactly how much I needed because he knows what I’m like and it’s far too dangerous to let me loose near yarn unless I have a firm limit. A little giggle was had all round.

Gah! Damn those nice yarns! Damn them! I am covetous.


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