Tedium, ad nauseum.

These sleeves just drag on and on and on… but I am glad that I’m doing both of them at the same time because that means that when it’s over, it’s over.

I still need to start work on Akayna’s winter coat. The temp here is 9°C most days so I’ve left it a little late, but I’m sure it will be good for a year or two.

I’ve cut out the pattern pieces and ironed interfacing to the back of them to make them sturdier. The fabric has been ironed, but I keep postponing the cutting cos it’s such a pain to line up the pieces with the grain and measure to make sure they are all even and to transfer the markings. There are a LOT of pieces, which really puts me off, especially since sewing is something that I have to focus intensely on, unlike knitting which has become natural to me.

I’ve been reading the Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare. They are urban fantasies written for a teen audience, following the supernatural trend involving angels and demons that has emerged in the aftermath of the vampire trend.

Damn, this chick is a good writer. That is high praise coming from me, my friends and family will tell you I can be quite a snob about that kind of thing. There is nothing that irritates me more than reading a book and editing it in my head to sound better. Thinking, gosh – this should be worded differently, that should segue better… etc. etc. It just ruins the whole book for me, regardless of how interesting or innovative the plot is. But this girl can write. Not only is the plot and plot development good, her characters are fully fleshed and likeable. And her dialogue!! I cannot stress enough how much I like her dialogue.

Be aware, it is a teen romance of Twilight proportions. The two main characters have that same intensity in their attraction to each other. The “love scenes” are pretty hardcore given the demographic it is aimed at. So far the MCs haven’t done the deed, but we know that other people are doing it – though it isn’t described. The actual descriptions of the make out sessions that the MCs get up to is pretty full-on. I wouldn’t want my daughter reading this before she was at least 16 in case it gave her ideas. I remember far too well the hormonal drives of my teenage years and they don’t need any encouraging or romanticising. All that aside, they are very well written and descriptions beautifully capture that heat.

She also includes same-sex attracted characters, and portrays them sensitively (in my heterosexual opinion). I like that the main conflict experienced by the supporting characters in same-sex relationships is completely unrelated to the fact that they are a same-sex couple. There is acknowledgement of the difficulty of being gay in a society (the Nephilim) that is so conservative and disapproving, but that is not the central problem that these characters experience in their relationship.

Look, it’s a great series. Read it.


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