I have a box in the living room. In it resides my bits and pieces, amusements and so forth. It keeps my junk from getting out of control and messing up the place. I believe it is overdue for a tidy… check this out.Image

Starting at the top left:

  1. notes from a pattern
  2. a spare pair of socks
  3. my set of interchangeable Knitpro needles
  4. a ziploc bag of yarn with leftovers from the last two projects (Drops Cardi and Split Sleeve Tunic)
  5. an empty ziploc bag
  6. my Hello Kitty project bag, it has my little tools in it and usually whatever I’m currently knitting
  7. the pattern for the Drops cardigan, on top of that is a stitchmarker and a panda measuring tape that is supposed to be inside the project bag and some leftover yarn that I’m hoping will be enough to make a headband/earwarmers
  8. headphones from Smiggle, they are super-comfortable and have a volume adjust on the cord, which is convenient for watching stuff on the laptop
  9. there is a big bag of yarn for my current project, the Duchess sweater, and the begginings of it.
  10. a notebook
  11. a sketchbook
  12. a pair of fingerless gloves
  13. a nail file, MooGoo handcream (awesome for my psoriasis), three lipbalms (one of which is unopened)
  14. my DSlite
  15. my pencil case and all the pens and stuff that were floating around in the box (which were supposed to be in the case)

So, now to sort it all out and put away the stuff I’m don’t currently *need*. I should probably do something about the pocket-watch, two knitting magazines, two notebooks and crossword puzzle book that are under the coffee table.


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