Drying stuff in winter is like pushing water uphill

I finished my Sid jumper in Bouvardia from Spotlight.

I had it drying in the sun all day, but it is still damp. This made me very sad, considering I wanted to wear it out tomorrow.

I don’t usually buy yarn at $7 a ball (remember I’m quite thrifty and take a look at my mission statement), but this stuff… I know it’s a Noro rip-off, but darn the long colour repeats are so sexy and the yarn is squooshy as all get out.

I’m working on something from Sandra Knit Trends #4, design 67 Tunic with Divided Sleeves. More on that later, but for those who may be trying it out for themselves, the chart is wrong. The downward arrow is supposed to mean slip one as if to purl with yarn in front, but it should really be a \ which means slip one, knit one, pass slipped stitch over. Trust me.

I’m using BeeCount, a free Android app to keep track of the rows. It’s good – no ads, no screwing around and the most aesthetically pleasing of those I’ve tried.

I’m also trying to download Diablo III over dial-up (long story, suffice to say Australia’s National Broadband Network initiative can eat my shorts) which is terribly frustrating, but I don’t want to go out and buy the game when I already technically own it, and just need to download it. I’ve already waited 10 years for them to release it, what’s another 30 days? Incredibly irritating, that’s what.


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