For the Seventy Millionth Time

The Sid sweater that has been hibernating for so long is turning out to be slightly more difficult than imagined.

As it turns out, getting the sleeves to match is a task nigh unto impossible. I am frogging back for the third (or fourth, I don’t care to think about it too deeply) time. At least this time the width is correct.
Oh, how I congratulated myself, with my completed pieces in their zippy bag along with the detailed notes on sleeve modification, written out row-by-row… Too soon, too soon did I rest upon my laurels, pride goeth before a fall – as the old adage pronounces. My self-satisfaction was a portent of doom.
I swear by all that is holy, if I have to unravel this mother$#&er again, I will just knit two new sleeves and the completed sleeve be damned!


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