DIY Yarny Stuff: Swifts

Pursuant to a conversation held on facebook chat yesterday, my special yarn buddy was in need of a ball-winder and due to the expense (and waiting time) involved in purchasing one, I suggested a DIY version, as I was sure that a google search would reveal some craftsy and creative people who had achieved wonders.

I’ve compiled a few DIY yarny tools here, with brief notes.

DIY Swifts

Aemmeleia’s Desperate Measures Swift

This is good stop-gap measure, requiring little time and effort. Most people would have the components around the house, namely a wine bottle, coat hangers and duct tape. It is by the the blogess’ own admission, an ugly contraption but it works.

Sideways UltraCheap Swift

A lazy susan, coathangers and duct tape make a quick and easy swift. Not a permanent solution, but a good quick fix.

Peaceful Easy Knitting K’nex Ballwinder and Tinker Toy Swift

Awesome. Just awesome. No instructions, but inspiring indeed.

Super Fun Knits Tinker Toy Swift

A tutorial for a swift made from Tinker Toys. It’s very cute.

Everything Old: Swift Tutorial

A lazy susan and some pieces of wood… a permanent and easy swift. It even looks good!

Crafty Diversions Portable Swift

A permanent solution made using woodworking tools and materials. Not as complex as some, but still full on.

Cheap Like Me Swift

A more permanent swift, made from an old outdoor patio umbrella.

Nigel D’Deon

An incredibly complex and beautiful umbrella swift, which looks incredibly tricky for the non-woodworker, but if you really, really want a lovely swift go for this one.

All Purled Up PVC Swift

A lazy susan and PVC piping are assembled into an interestingly sci-fi shaped sift, it looks easy to make and presents a permanent solution.

A Book and Some Yarn: PVC Swift Skeiner

OMG! A standalone swift assembled entirely out of PVC piping… this has to be seen to be believed. Very clever, it’s the ULTIMATE in DIY PVC swifts. Srsly.

The House at Two Palms: PVC Niddy Noddy and Yarn Swift

Not the prettiest of creations, but it looks easy and quick to make.



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