Drying stuff in winter is like pushing water uphill

I finished my Sid jumper in Bouvardia from Spotlight.

I had it drying in the sun all day, but it is still damp. This made me very sad, considering I wanted to wear it out tomorrow.

I don’t usually buy yarn at $7 a ball (remember I’m quite thrifty and take a look at my mission statement), but this stuff… I know it’s a Noro rip-off, but darn the long colour repeats are so sexy and the yarn is squooshy as all get out.

I’m working on something from Sandra Knit Trends #4, design 67 Tunic with Divided Sleeves. More on that later, but for those who may be trying it out for themselves, the chart is wrong. The downward arrow is supposed to mean slip one as if to purl with yarn in front, but it should really be a \ which means slip one, knit one, pass slipped stitch over. Trust me.

I’m using BeeCount, a free Android app to keep track of the rows. It’s good – no ads, no screwing around and the most aesthetically pleasing of those I’ve tried.

I’m also trying to download Diablo III over dial-up (long story, suffice to say Australia’s National Broadband Network initiative can eat my shorts) which is terribly frustrating, but I don’t want to go out and buy the game when I already technically own it, and just need to download it. I’ve already waited 10 years for them to release it, what’s another 30 days? Incredibly irritating, that’s what.

For the Seventy Millionth Time

The Sid sweater that has been hibernating for so long is turning out to be slightly more difficult than imagined.

As it turns out, getting the sleeves to match is a task nigh unto impossible. I am frogging back for the third (or fourth, I don’t care to think about it too deeply) time. At least this time the width is correct.
Oh, how I congratulated myself, with my completed pieces in their zippy bag along with the detailed notes on sleeve modification, written out row-by-row… Too soon, too soon did I rest upon my laurels, pride goeth before a fall – as the old adage pronounces. My self-satisfaction was a portent of doom.
I swear by all that is holy, if I have to unravel this mother$#&er again, I will just knit two new sleeves and the completed sleeve be damned!

WIP Wednesday

I have quite a few things on the needles, not including the Never Ending Dressing Gown.

Drops 106-11 Moss Stitch cardigan.

Approximately halfway through the second sleeve… Needs to be blocked, sewn up and have the collar knitted on.

Butterfly Dress.

I have grafted the lace sections, so now I have to sew the seams, knit the neck band and armholes and knit the straps. And probably figure out how I’m going to ruche the bottom section to make the length work out.

Sid Sweater by Kim Hargreaves.

This is a heavily edited version of Sid which has been languishing for a while as I was waiting on a visit from my mummy to procure the necessary yarn. I have one sleeve, sewing up and the neckband left to go.

Boat Neck Pullover.

In a desperate and last ditch effort to extend the arm and waist, I have worked down in moss-stitch. Just need to work further down the waist, and sew the ends in, but it is tedious.

Scarfy Scarf

For the first time ever I have a knitting in bed project. It’s freaking cold around here and we are going to bed super early just to stay warm! It’s just garter stitch worked in Patons Creme De La Creme which makes it look lovely and feel super squishy and nommy.

And just for fun, here is my Pixie in her little sweater that I knitted up as a test model to design a pattern.

DIY Yarny Stuff: Swifts

Pursuant to a conversation held on facebook chat yesterday, my special yarn buddy was in need of a ball-winder and due to the expense (and waiting time) involved in purchasing one, I suggested a DIY version, as I was sure that a google search would reveal some craftsy and creative people who had achieved wonders.

I’ve compiled a few DIY yarny tools here, with brief notes.

DIY Swifts

Aemmeleia’s Desperate Measures Swift

This is good stop-gap measure, requiring little time and effort. Most people would have the components around the house, namely a wine bottle, coat hangers and duct tape. It is by the the blogess’ own admission, an ugly contraption but it works.

Sideways UltraCheap Swift

A lazy susan, coathangers and duct tape make a quick and easy swift. Not a permanent solution, but a good quick fix.

Peaceful Easy Knitting K’nex Ballwinder and Tinker Toy Swift

Awesome. Just awesome. No instructions, but inspiring indeed.

Super Fun Knits Tinker Toy Swift

A tutorial for a swift made from Tinker Toys. It’s very cute.

Everything Old: Swift Tutorial

A lazy susan and some pieces of wood… a permanent and easy swift. It even looks good!

Crafty Diversions Portable Swift

A permanent solution made using woodworking tools and materials. Not as complex as some, but still full on.

Cheap Like Me Swift

A more permanent swift, made from an old outdoor patio umbrella.

Nigel D’Deon

An incredibly complex and beautiful umbrella swift, which looks incredibly tricky for the non-woodworker, but if you really, really want a lovely swift go for this one.

All Purled Up PVC Swift

A lazy susan and PVC piping are assembled into an interestingly sci-fi shaped sift, it looks easy to make and presents a permanent solution.

A Book and Some Yarn: PVC Swift Skeiner

OMG! A standalone swift assembled entirely out of PVC piping… this has to be seen to be believed. Very clever, it’s the ULTIMATE in DIY PVC swifts. Srsly.

The House at Two Palms: PVC Niddy Noddy and Yarn Swift

Not the prettiest of creations, but it looks easy and quick to make.