It’s a Shawl Thing

It’s ANZAC day and my daughter participated in the march through the center of town. I am very impressed that she got up and put on her school uniform and headed out in 2 degree Celsius weather to honour our troops both past and present. She is a better person than I am, that’s for sure.

I’m spending the public holiday hiding in my craft room. I would love to call it my “studio” cos it sounds so much more sophisticated and fancy. I just can’t seem to get out of the habit of calling it the study, which is what we always called the spare room. Also, the heater works REALLY well in such a small room. I’m looking through yarns and patterns for a shawl.

Vortex Shawl

It’s round! I love the swirly thing it’s got going on.

Copyright Pandorakick

Fountain Pen Shawl

Geometric and lacy. I like how the design is worked through the whole shawl without long periods of BORING not-lace.

copyright interweave press

Midsummer Night’s Shawl

It’s crochet, and therefore quicker to make. I love the edging but not a huge fan of the middle section. Also, crochet uses more yarn, so I’m not sure how serious a contender this one is.

Copyright Interweave Press

Heliotaxis Shawl

It’s round! And FANCY! I love the complexity of the pattern, I love how much it has going on, because in my heart, I believe shawls should look like they are just full of wondrous intricate stitches.

copyright renata brenner

Kowhai and Fern Shawl

I like a lot about this pattern, it’s got a beautiful pointy edging, it’s round and has a geometric thing happening.

Gail (Nightsongs) Shawl

This was probably the first shawl I saw and thought “Dang, I’d like to make a shawl!” It’s just nice… you know?

Girasole Shawl

This can be done as a shawl or a blanket. I think it would be warmer and therefore more practical for the area where we live. I love how it resembles the petals of a flower and it has intricate patterning,

Pretty as a Peacock Shawl

I can’t think of a downside to a shawl modeled after a peacock’s tail. It’s just awesome.

Gah! Decisions Decisions.


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