The Master of Delayed Gratification

Many years ago (at least two) a young knitter began a project. She saw the boat neck sweater in an issue of  Australian Knitting and had an instant desire to make and wear it. As is her wont, she substituted yarn by ordering a metallic cotton (having very similar qualities to the Filatura Di Crosa Lovely Jeans that was called for) from Yarn Paradise and waited, rather impatiently for it’s arrival.

Immediately upon it’s arrival she cast on and worked diligently, finishing the off-the-shoulder pullover in record time.

A-tingle with anticipation, she donned her new article of clothing…. and was very disappointed to find that the sleeves and hem were just that little bit too short. *sadface*

Dang and double dang. This is not a top down sweater. One cannot simply unravel it and add some extra rows.

Present day, in fact, yesterday, the knitter in question bit the bullet and CUT OFF the brown areas, keeping the live white stitches on some silky viscose yarn.

Now planning to add more length by using the brown yarn to make a wider stripe than the pattern suggests, there is one remaining problem. She is aware that in working more downwards, in the opposite direction is likely to cause a “jog” in the stitching… so now the inner debate rages… should she attempt to match up the broken rib? or should she just use a different stitch pattern so that the “jog” becomes a non-issue?

Hmm… Suggestions welcome.


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