Craft Room Reorganisation

This is my little knitty corner, that is most of my stash on the shelves there as organised by my daughter. She went through my notebook and put the yarn in order and numbered the boxes. Very sweet.

The craft drawers have all sorts of things going on in there, some knitting, some sewing, some stickers, papercraft, beados, and anything and everything. The bins on top have yarn needing to be sorted and some in progress stuff.

The cabinet. The top two shelves have empty notebooks (which I collect with gay abandon, having absolutely no regard to whether I have space to keep them). The next two shelves contain knitting books and magazines and the bottom shelf has sewing patterns and magazines on it.

The table on which I work, the small box underneath has stationary, the big box is fabric. The black mesh basket contains things in need of repair, or blocking, or assembling.

Current project:

DROPS 106-11 Moss Stitch Cardigan. I’m using Moda Vera Angora Blend which I got from Spotlight at an end of season sale for a ridiculously low price. I am so looking forward to having a cardigan made out of this scrummy stuff. Very soft and a little bit of a halo. I even did a GAUGE SWATCH as part of my new resolution to gauge swatch things.

It seems my current style of knitting (continental) is looser than I used to knit when I was a “thrower”. It turns out I get correct gauge (stitch wise, if not row-wise) on 3.5mms. The rows are less important, since the pattern directions call for shaping to be done when you reach a certain length measured in cms, rather than “every x rows”.


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