They are Coming for YOU!!

I just finished knitting Old School Space Invaders Scarf by Emily Mitchell. I finally live in a climate that justifies a heavy scarf, and now I have one. I used Spotlights “own brand” of acrylic nastiness, Marvel 8-ply.

Spot the mistake:



Oh noes!! I came to the realisation that I had put the mothership in the wrong place around the time I got to the third alien. I was not going to frog back, and I was also not going to say, “Oh, who cares? Nobody will notice.” Bullcrap nobody will notice! I cannot live with a MOTHERSHIP at the BOTTOM of the scarf… Damn it all.

So the solution?

Cut above the mothership.

Unravel back to about three rows above the ‘splosion.

Kitchener stitch it back together.

Voila! Can’t even tell. I’m so impressed with me.

I’ve added a fringe to the ends. I’ve just got to block the bejeebers out of it.


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