Friday Follow-upP

A few Christmas photos for your perusal, including bed-head. Our tradition is to get up Christmas morning and open presents, pretty much before anything else (barring of course mine and Dad’s coffee consumption). My brother and I return home to sleep over Christmas Eve and bring our respective  partners.

The Socks of Doom that took me over a year to knit. I swore I would never knit socks again, and can’t understand people’s obsession with them. Everyday my aversion lessens slightly and I start to think of cute little anklets.

Pixie likes to be in the middle of everything. Mum’s little Chihuahua Bessie is sneaking into shot, she’s an old, old dog and above all this mucking around that Pixie is prone to engage in.

I knitted this Christmas shirt for Akayna last year, I believe. I made it up as I went along, but the shape is loosely based on the SweetieHeart singlet. The rest of her outfit is unrelated to the shirt, but the shirt is a requirement of Christmas celebrations. Here she is seen playing her newly acquired Monster High game on her DS.

This is my father, in his librarian cardigan. I was incredibly concerned it would be WAY too large, but phew. Let’s not tell him I put this photo up, because his hair is a bit concerning.

My Grandad in his scarf, simple brioche rib.

My grandmother and her little purse.

My SIL and her new scarf. Simple pattern, knit one row and decrease one stitch and increase one stitch at the other end of every second row.

My brother’s katamari with REAL WORKING MAGNETS, cos I’m awesome.




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