A New Year of Knit

Well, my Christmas presents went down well with the family. My sister in law took some photos of people modelling their gifts, which I do not currently have available.

I also finished the Ramie hat, and (as usual) ran out of yarn a little before finishing, however I managed to save the day with the yarn I was going to use just for the flower. Yarn that I bought when I was around ten years old, from a charity store in the Blue Mountains. It was my first yarn purchase and I’ve had it all these years. Again, photo’s forthcoming.

Also making the Butterfly Dress, but damn it’s a project requiring a great deal of concentration! The pattern is not that difficult for me, but the fine fuzzy yarn makes it something that you really have to focus on!

I got a bunch of Bella Baby Parade from Spotlight in a discontinued dark blue colourway for .60c A BALL!!!!! So I’m setting out to make a third blanket from this yarn. It’s so soft a squooshy. I bought 20 balls, Not sure it will be enough for the size I want, but I’ll just knit til it’s gone.


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