Crochet Heavy

I was crocheting on the plane. Just a little. It strikes me that I’m also wearing the brown shirt I made recently… whoo!

Couldn’t crochet too much due to my girl’s incredible excitement over flying. I don’t know if she genuinely loves it or if she pretends to be happy to cover up her nerves. She always feels nauseous before a flight, which I suspect has to do with anxiety rather than anything else. She took a few photos and was quite impressed with the results.

Best thing about my mum’s house? Not having to do much of anything. It’s nice. I’ve finished my Christmas gifts. I’m on a crochet kick at the moment. Mum bought me a set of crochet hooks from Spotlight, marked down to $17.50 (with the VIP card) from $25.

 They are actually pretty darn nice. There are a bunch of sizes, the small ones, that I just don’t have. They are so smooth! And I love that they are in a little zip-up pouch like that.

I’m working on my Relaxed Ramie hat.

I’ve only started on it last night, so I’m pretty happy with the progress. I’ve finished the crown increases, so yay! But I’m concerned that it’s just gonna be way too small – if that is the case I’m going to give it to a little baby I know.

My portable purse project is a Queen Anne’s Lace Scarf.

The pattern is very easy to remember, I’ve made this one before and it looks fabulous once it’s been blocked out with more pins than I care to think about.

The yarn is just a Moda Vera from Spotlight, 100% acrylic. I can’t remember the name of it, I got it so long ago. It’s a little plasticky, but not too bad. The colours are so vibrant and fun! I have two people in mind to receive it as a gift, but we shall see who deserves it more.

It is the perfect purse project. I zip it into a inner bag, it is small and portable and the pattern is easily memorised.


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