We’re going on a summer holiday

In order to get prepared for my month-long holiday at Mummy’s house I need to have adequate knitting planned, especially considering that the last time I stayed there for ten days I managed to finish the majority of an Apres Surf Hoodie and my brother’s xmas present (which is just waiting on magnets to finish it).  You tend to get a lot done when you stay up until three a.m. knitting and watching your mother’s boxed set of Buffy DVDs. I was close to the end of the fourth season, so there’s still plenty to go and I have every intention of watching the Angel DVDs too.

I plan on taking the materials for a few projects, and there is the comfort of a Spotlight within easy reach (geographically if not fiscally).

So, projects.

 This should be a fairly mindless crocheting project. I have some cotton left from another project, but it is DK rather than sport-weight, so I’ll have to adjust the pattern on the fly. I also have some multicoloured slubby yarn that I must have gotten when I was around 10 years old or something! I’m going to use that for the flower, since there isn’t enough for a whole hat.

I’m going to make the Butterfly Dress by Jennie Atkinson. I have Romantic Style: Knits And Crochet to Wear or Display which has so many beautiful things. See: Never Ending Dressing Gown. I’m using Moda Vera Kid Mohair Blend in black and grey, but I will need to buy some beads. The pattern is available as an individual download on ravelry.

I’m also going to make another Sweetieheart Singlet (which is my own pattern and available as a free download on ravelry) in a bigger size and using Cleckheaton Bamboo in a light blue colourway. The kid loves this shirt and she’s nearly grown out of the pink one. This is a priority because it’s supposed to be part of her Christmas present.


I am also going to make a pullover out of Katia Spray in the multicoloured colourway. I can’t find a pattern that does exactly what I want.  I’d like a sloppy 80s style off-the-shoulder jobbie, so I’m going to make my own pattern using four rectangles.


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